The greatness of life

Paths around the estate lead to the heart of the Uco Valley: the fruits of this land. The vineyards and the organic vegetable garden can be experienced to discover and understand every secret of our terroir reflected later in our grapes, vegetables and fruits, before sublimating into our wines and the delicious dishes of our restaurant.


Our vineyards are given very careful attention to make the best wines, the ones which can best express our terroir. In Postales, we respect the vine cycle and the work done by man to achieve the best quality.

In May, when the vine is at rest, every detail for the new vine cycle is planned. In June, the pruning defines the desired quality and quantity for the next harvest. Then, the accolage, the maintenance, and the soil fertilization start.

When spring begins, the first buds burst as well as the hope of a new cycle. After surviving to the climate threats, buds strongly swell. The coming steps are disbudding and stripping with the relevant sanitary requirements.

Little by little, with the canopy management, grape ripening takes place, and its color and aromas start to develop until harvest day has come, to reach the best expression that our terroir has to offer every year.

Organic Vegetable Garden

The organic vegetable garden invites you to travel deep into life origins, at the seasons rhythm. This is a unique opportunity to stay away from the city routine and admire the greatness of nature. We take care of each plant to get the fruit’s finest expression. From our terroir, the best flavors come to our table.